Sending Sweet Reminders


Valentine’s Day deliveries used to be a huge part of the holiday at Wayne City school. There would be multiple different types of valentines sent throughout the day ranging from flowers, stuffed animals, chocolate, and balloons. Starting in the 2020-2021 school year the ability to send valentines into the school was taken away. The school stopped allowing them to be sent in due to COVID-19. Even though the COVID-19 restrictions have been mostly lifted since then, the school still is not allowing valentines to be sent in.

Some alternative valentines ideas:

  • Put notes of affirmation in someones backpack
  • Give someone flowers throughout the day
  • Put a fun treat in your child’s lunch¬†
  • Give the valentine gift before or after school¬†
  • Have the gift sent to your house when they will be home
  • Bring your child a lunch from one of their favorite restaurants
  • Give someone chocolate throughout the day
  • Decorate their bedroom door for when they come home
  • Take your child to the store to buy a fun valentines toy after school
  • Take your child out for breakfast before school

Even though having valentines sent to the school is not allowed anymore, there are still plenty of fun ways to give your child or valentine a special gift. Senior Kelby Wood says, “I used to love when my grandma would send valentines to the school, so I was sad when I found out it wasn’t allowed anymore. Now, I realize that there are plenty of other fun options for Valentine’s Day!”