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Having parents who work at your school can have some advantages and disadvantages.


If you were to ask Makenna Kelly what she feels about her parent working at her school she said, “It stinks, they always know you’re in trouble before you do and are always checking your grades, and you can never escape them!” Angie Kelly, mother of Makenna, had this to say, “I love knowing where my kids are at, and getting to take them to and from school. Sometimes I know more that I need to know, but I love being in the same building as them.”


Now, of course having your parent at your school all the time isn’t always horrible. Delainey Bailey was asked what the advantages were, and her response was, “Well, there are many benefits. For example, if you forget to have her sign a permission slip, you can just run down to her classroom and sign it. I never had to ride the bus as a kid because my mom always took me. Overall, I really like having my parent as a teacher because I can always go to her if I need anything. There are more advantages than disadvantages.”


Also, students might think that getting away with things or getting special treatment would be common, but that is not the case. Makenna Kelly had this to say, “No, the opposite of that. The only plus is that I keep snacks in her office and during the day I go and eat them.” Delainey Bailey says, “My mom always seems to find out if I do something she wouldn’t like, because I know word gets around.”


Overall, having your parent working at your school can be fun, yet difficult. But, at the end of the day, the advantages outway the disadvantages.

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Like Teacher, Like Daughter