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How the Public Views Tattoos and Piercings

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We are constantly engaged in the act of judging people by outward symbols, clothes, appearance, visible tattoos and facial piercings. A psychologist would tell us that the four basic human needs are; a need for love, a need for security, a need for recognition, and a need for adventure (McLeod, Saul). The need for recognition over the past centuries was satisfied with accomplishing feats of strength, appropriate competitiveness, and combining the need for recognition with the need for adventure.

Both tattooing and body piercing go back centuries. People, both in ancient and modern times, have tattooed themselves.  It was not usually seen in more advanced societies, not so much because people didn’t know it existed, but chose not to do it.

Most students at Wayne City agree that tattoos are “cool.” There is an ongoing argument about colors of tattoos and how big they are. It all comes down to people and their different opinions. Some enjoy big colorful tattoos while others prefer smaller black and white ones.

There are various motivations for why people get piercings. The reasons can have a personal meaning to the person getting pierced. Research studies have shown that men with piercings are perceived as less attractive and less intelligent (Real Men Real Style). The researchers also found that men with piercings were rated more negatively than women with piercings. In a poll taken by a group of researchers from the UK, Malaysia, and Austria, models with multiple facial piercings were rated as the least intelligent and least attractive of them all. Students at Wayne City are more divided on this issue. Some students believe that people should only get piercings in their ears, or other more common places; some don’t mind more extravagant ones, like the collarbones. Again with this topic, everyone has their own opinions and ideas of what they perceive as beautiful.    

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How the Public Views Tattoos and Piercings