How To Get Better at Drawing

A Few Broad Steps to Help Your Skill

Trinity Krueger

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Step 1: Color. This may seem very simple and childish, but it will help fine motor skills needed for drawings and paintings.


Step 2: Start by tracing simple pictures and line art. This will help the muscles in your hand learn how to make shapes and and how to make smooth lines. It may also help with placement of elements within a drawing.


Step 3: Only trace the basic outline of pictures and shade, do small details, and color it by yourself. With this, you’ll become more independent in your skills while still having a safety net of tracing.


Step 4: Use reference pictures without tracing. Freehanding with a reference picture is just as good as drawing without one. No tracing means you’re almost fully independent with drawing. Once you’re comfortable with copying drawings, try copying real life pictures into drawings.


Step 5: Draw what’s in your imagination. Once you’re at this step, congratulations! You’re an independent artist now. With your new skill, you can make whatever your heart desires. Now go have fun drawing your heart’s desires!

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