In Person VS Online Learning

Keea Cone, Reporter

Covid-19 has caused students to go online for school and some to go in person. In February, Covid-19 had just started and by March, it had gotten to all 50 states in the United States. Some students have chosen to go online rather than in person and have slowly realized that in person learning is better than online. Rileigh Irwin, an online learner said, “Online learning takes away from the students. It’s harder to get in touch with your teacher and have them answer your questions. Some students also can’t facetime during class time, because they are busy.”  Students even feel as if online learning would be better so they don’t have to wake up in the morning. Keenan Cone, an online learner said, “Before I went to online learning, I thought it’d be better so I didn’t have to wake up of a morning, but I learned quickly that we need to be in the classroom, face to face with all of our teachers.”

Some students feel as if online learning is better though. Kyia Cone, an online learner said, “Working at your own pace is so much better than going to class every day. You can get all of your homework done quicker than you would in the classroom.” Online learning and in person learning both have their pros and cons, and every student has their own opinion about it, but 75% of the students interviewed chose in person learning over online school. Most in person learners are just hoping they get to stay in school and don’t have to go completely remote learning.