Seniors Sensing Spring Senioritis


Amber McGhee, Copy editor

Every year, seniors hear the dreaded word: senioritis. Senioritis occurs when seniors in their last year school start to decline with motivation. After the holidays, seniors start to decline even more, because it’s time for the long last five month haul. Many teachers and parents don’t understand why seniors start slowing down, and it can be easy to get mad at seniors for having senioritis.

For those individuals who aren’t seniors, they fail to realize that graduating is a huge change. All the friends who these seniors have grown into adulthood with will be moving on to bigger and better things. Some might start college, while others go straight into the workforce. Some will get married and start having families. It’s a confusing time, and seniors are just figuring out their lives and making their own decisions. It is natural that some of them are going to lose motivation and drag their feet. Most of the time, seniors are scared to graduate, because they will finally be on their own. They will not have the guidance of the same teachers they have known for years. It can be very overwhelming for seniors, especially when they have had the comfort of being in the class with the same peers for the last ten years.  Some students deal with senioritis by keeping their eye on the prize, graduation. Other seniors strive to have a good time their senior year of high school, because it is their final months of being a kid, and,  looking back in the future, their going to cherish the moments of high school forever.