Phobias: From One Extreme to the Other

Emilee Jones, Reporter

Have you ever thought about how many phobias you truly have? Most people have at least one phobia, some have several. Either way, when people think about their fear, it irks them and sends chills down their spines. A phobia is: an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something. While some people have very unique phobias, there are some phobias that are shared by most people around the world. According to The Washington Post, the most common phobias are public speaking, heights, and bugs. While we think most of those are normal things to fear, some people have Turophobia (fear of cheese) or Chirophobia (fear of hands), along with many other strange things. These strange phobias seem unreasonable to most people, however there are some people around the world who have an actual fear of these things. There is a name for just about any fear out there, just simply googling a fear will tell you the name of the fear and everything about it. 


When the Journalism class was asked about their fears, only two people shared the same fear: senior Delainey Bailey and Mrs. Keen both expressed their fear of flying. When they think about flying, it gives them major anxiety. The rest of the class all had different answers, but most of them were in the same category: animals. Junior Greta Ihmels, expressed her fear of sharks, Delainey shared her fear of frogs, and Junior Adlee Stephenson said her biggest fear was snakes. Whether it is something as simple as a phobia of flying or something as odd as the fear of cheese, almost anyone has a fear.