The Warwhoop

Spill the Beans

Caitlyn Dickey

September 16, 2018

It’s already September. That means Bean Days is right around the corner. Bean Days is the only festival hosted by Wayne City, and over the years they have added so many new things to this growing festival. The weekend inlcudes:...

Upcoming Play: Update “The Show Must Go On…!”

Mason Mulvaney, Writer

April 23, 2018

 “The show must go on!” That would probably be the motto for this year’s play when considering the things that have happened both in public and behind the scenes. The biggest thing that happened this year was the Ag b...

Blazing Bean Days

Jayzale O'Neal

September 30, 2017

Bean Days is a festival held in Wayne City each year to celebrate the harvest. It is when all the people of Wayne City get together, eat beans, watch the parade, and enjoy quality time together. Some of the Wayne City High Sch...

Killed by the Clown

September 30, 2017

IT is a movie based on the novel by famous author, Stephen King, in the 80s. Movie producers decided that the book was such a hit, they would make a movie about it. The movie became bigger than the book, and everybody fell in...

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