Found Underground


Jesse Abbott, Reporter

From the Beatles to Metallica, there have been big names in music. But what a lot of people don’t always pay attention to is underground music. Now let me backup, if you don’t know what I mean by underground I mean the bands and artists that are blind to the mainstream eye. 

Have you heard of the band My Chemical Romance or Fall out Boy? Yeah, but have you ever heard of the band Gorilla Biscuits or Screeching Weasel? Gorilla Biscuits is a hardcore punk band from New York. Bands like them inspired Fall Out Boy. Take a solid look at Blink-182. Tom Delonge of Blink-182 talks about in interviews taking influence from bands like Fugazi and Dag Nasty. Everyone has heard of Nirvana and Foo Fighters. In interviews Dave Grohl mentioned bands like Husker Du and Bad Brains as influences. According to Dave said, ”I was a huge Husker Du fan, and obviously Bob Mould’s music has influenced the way I write music and the way I play guitar.” Pat Smear, the rhythm guitarist for Nirvana in their later years, started in the LA punk band The Germs. Pat is now one of the guitarists for the Foo Fighters. 

See if you ever need something new to listen to go down the rabbit hole of the music genres you already listen to. Look up who inspired them or where the style originated. Once you get into it, it’s actually quite interesting to see where your favorite bands and artists come from musically.