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  • Dewig Meats

    Dewig Meats

    MaKenna Kelly

    September 16, 2018

    The class of 2019 has started fundraising for their senior trip to Washington D.C. and they need your help! They have started selling Dewig Meats this week. Each meat is priced at $20.00.  The holidays are coming up which means community members need to start planning upcoming holiday meals. What be...

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  • New Seniors New Flames August 31, 2018
  • Trouble in the Front Row August 31, 2018
  • Softball/Baseball Update April 23, 2018
  • The Name of The Game: With Hanah Cooper February 23, 2018
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FFA Forestry and Horse Judging

September 17, 2018

Queen of the Beans

September 17, 2018

New Student Council

September 16, 2018

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  • One Catch of a Coach

    Batter up! Coach Drew Millwood is back and better than ever before! This is his second year as the high school baseball coach here at Wayne City a...

  • New Seniors New Flames

    This new year brings many new things for students and staff. This year, Wayne City has gained four new high school teachers and several new students a...

  • Trouble in the Front Row

    On the morning of Tuesday, August 28, a verbal altercation took place in the student parking lot. A senior arrived at school around eight o’clock th...

  • Softball/Baseball Update

    Swinging for the fences, the Wayne City High School softball and baseball teams have started off their seasons!  Although the April showers canceled ...

  • The Name of The Game: With Hanah Cooper

    The Name of The Game: With Hanah Cooper

  • Chivalry Is Dead


  • How To Avoid Athletic Injuries

    To avoid athletic injuries, there are many possible ways to prepare for athletic injuries. When participating in Physical Education, the teacher will ...

  • A Week in the Life of the Lady Indians

    The Wayne City Lady Indians had a long week ahead of them starting last Monday night, the 20th of November. At 7:30, they played their first game in t...

  • Text Me Maybe

    Thirty-five Wayne City High School students were asked how many texts they sent in a single day.  With new, popular apps such as Snapchat and Messeng...

  • So Sick of This Game

    Student athletes are known to be more susceptible to injuries over students who don’t partake in much physical activity. What is not as noticeable i...

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