Senior Night

Alessia Lonano, Reporter

On October 17, Wayne City High School held senior night for the volleyball team. The evening was a special night for Addison Seidel, Alessia Lonano, Jovi Horton, Kelby Wood, and Paige Greenwalt, who played their last home game against Mt. Carmel. The game started at 6 pm with the JV team. After a very close first set, they lost 2-0. Before the varsity team started the game, their coaches and their parents wanted to make the evening even more special and memorable. The coaches gave the seniors a rose while their parents came in with  balloons and a box. Ean box included a t-shirt, a cupcake, and a piece of wood carved in the shape of a volleyball with a player to use as an ornament inside. After pictures, kisses, and hugs, the game started.

They fought for the victory, but Mt. Carmel beat the Lady Indians. They lost 2-0, but like Mr. Choate said, “I know that you wanted a different result for your last game, but don’t be upset.” It was a very difficult game for the ladies according to their coach. “We had the opportunity to play against a very good team, probably the strongest team of the season, stated Coach Choate. After the game, the girls, the entire team, and their friends went to Applebee’s to celebrate this beautiful night.