Newly Elected Illinois Leaders


Klaira Vaughan, Reporter

Midterm elections were held Tuesday, November 8. J.B. Pritzker won governor, Tammy Duckworth won the Senate seat, and 17 seats were up for the House of Representatives, 14 of those being filled by democrats and 3 filled by republicans.

Democrat J.B. Pritzker won governor for his second term. According to the Associated Press, Pritzker’s opponent, Republican Darren Bailey, told disappointed fans, “I may not be going to Springfield as your governor, but I will never stop fighting for you. I will never stop listening to your voices.” With nearly all of the votes counted, J.B. Pritzker is at 54.25% with 2,170,428 votes and Darren Bailey trails behind with 42.97% with 1,719,213 votes in his favor. The Associated Press announced Pritzker’s victory over Bailey at around 7 pm November 8. Bailey accepted defeat at around 10 pm that night. Pritzker said to cheering supporters, “I am so thrilled to spend four more years as your governor.”

Democrat Tammy Duckworth ran against Republican Kathy Salvi. Duckworth won with 2,243,244 votes, putting her in the lead having 56.2% of the votes to Salvi’s 42.1% with 1,681,955 votes. Kathy Salvi took to Twitter about her loss saying, “My heart is full of gratitude to all the staff volunteers donors and supporters across the state who believed in me- who believed in us. Thank you to everyone for all the hours resources and prayers you have poured into this campaign.”

The 17 elected Illinois House members are democrat Johnathan Jackson, democrat Robin Kelly, democrat Delia Remirez, democrat Chuy Garcia, democrat Mike Quigley, democrat Sean Casten, democrat Danny Davis, democrat Raja Krishnamoorthi, democrat Janice Schakowsky, democrat Brad Schneider, democrat Bill Foster, republican Mike Bost, democrat Nikki Budzinski, democrat Lauren Underwood, republican Mary Miller, republican Darin LaHood, and democrat Eric Sorensen.