Lady Indians Basketball Holds Court


Addison Seidel, Reporter

As the Lady Indians Basketball team is nearing their season opener, they have spent the last few weeks preparing for this upcoming season. This team has faced many challenges the past few years through injuries and new coaches. Through the school’s cooperation with Cisne, they started with 7 girls coming from Cisne, but now only down to 3 players from Cisne. The team is a young team, with only 3 seniors, 1 junior, and sophomores and freshmen making up the majority of the team.  Another challenge they face is the team currently has no assistant coach. The majority of the team is younger and would benefit from the extra help from another coach during the practice time. The Lady Indians have a very tough and demanding schedule this year that requires them to travel many miles this season. They will face many 2A schools this year and are also in two different tournaments that are hosted by 2A schools. Senior Paige Greenwalt said, ”I can’t wait to see how our team comes together this year since we have new girls from Cisne playing with us this year.” They kick off their season with two home games. Their first game was Monday, November 14 on their home court against Edwards County High School. Then, they played Thursday for a conference matchup game against Webber High School. Junior Greenlea Vaughan said, “I am looking forward to this season, although I am sad it is my last year with the seniors. Over the past few years I have gotten very close with them.”