Make Way for MTC


Paige Greenwalt, Reporter

The Wayne City High School Girls Basketball Team played in the Midland Trail Conference Tournament from January 2-6. This year the  tournament was held at Sandoval High School due to the hosts for the tournament rotation every year. The teams included in the MTC Tournament consist of Sandoval, Red Hill, Webber Township, Woodlawn, CORL, and Wayne City. The girls played their first tournament game on Monday January 5 at 6 p.m. and played hard against Sandoval. The game ended with a devastating loss for the Wayne City girls, with the score of 23-34. The team then moved on to play Red Hill on Thursday January 5 at 6 p.m. for consolation and went home with a win of 44-11. The Midland Trail Conference Tournament concluded with the match-up between CORL and Woodlawn on Friday, January 6 for the championship. The Lady Cardinals from Woodlawn took home first place, leaving CORL with second.

Head Coach Hunter Clark said, “The tournament is usually fun and an excellent opportunity to see how our teams advance through the season. It does present challenges of its own. Location, timing, and in some cases, playing the same opponents several times. But overall its a great chance for our team to see how well we can perform together, and how much we have improved in such a short time.”

Although the Lady Indians did not have the best luck in this tournament they have had fun playing as a team all week. Sophomore Kallee Seymour said, “Even though our season does not always go the way we would like it to, I really enjoy playing with my team and always giving 100%.”