The LifeBoat: a Meal for a Smile

Alessia Lonano, Reporter

November 28 the Wayne City FCCLA – Family Career and Community Leaders of America members volunteered for the people at the Lifeboat Alliance Family Shelter. The Lifeboat Alliance Homeless shelter in Mt. Vernon offers a home to the homeless, providing temporary refuge from life’s storms.

FCCLA members prepared the dishes for the meal after school in Mrs. Miller’s room. Students were divided into three groups. Each group cooked a different dish. They made mac & cheese, cherry delight dessert, and poppy seed chicken. They had fun and like Alessia said, “Now I know how to prepare the famous American mac & cheese dish. It was really funny. I love cooking!” Then, other FCCLA members joined them and helped to carry the food to the “clown car,” as Mrs. Miller calls her vehicle. Together, they drove to the Lifeboat shelter. When they arrived, the group started to serve the food to the people at the shelter. There weren’t a lot of people, but our FCCLA members enjoyed serving and staying there. This experience has taught the FCCLA members valuable lessons. Our FCCLA president Jovi Horton said, “I love having the opportunity to be able to volunteer at Life Boat Alliance Homeless Shelter. It is really amazing getting to go and see all the people and learn a little bit about them.”