Seniors’ Last Semester


Kelby Wood, Reporter

As all Wayne City High School students come back from their two week winter break the pressure is on. The class of 2023 seniors are now realizing that they have five months left of their senior year. Some seniors are undecided on what they are wanting to pursue in their futures, while others are setting dates for college tours and job shadowing. By now, some seniors have already experienced colleges reaching out to them. Senior Chase Smith has had multiple offers so far this year, and at the beginning of this semester he has made his decision. Smith stated, “I have decided that I will be attending Millikin University this upcoming fall. I will be running cross country and track and field. I appreciated all the offers I got, but Millikin is where I felt like I needed to be.”

Seniors are filling out as many scholarships as they can to help them afford college tuition. As this semester begins, seniors have a lot of exciting things to look forward to. Seniors will be attending their senior trip in Washington D.C. this upcoming April. They will be the first class, since COVID-19, to go back to D.C. for their class trip. They have each worked hard to raise their fair share of money by having monthly bake sales, pork burger sales, and selling booster cards. The last thing some seniors may be looking forward to is graduation day. Graduating is on all seniors minds, whether it is a happy or sad subject. Senior Jovi Horton stated, “I am excited to graduate and move on into bigger and better things, but I know I am going to miss this high school and my classmates. I hope I can keep in touch with everyone, and I hope this last semester is a lot of fun.”