Stepping Out Into the World

Ashton Hess, Reporter

Sunday, May 7, at 2:00 is the day the seniors from Wayne City High School graduate. Some of the seniors are super sad about leaving high school and others are really happy and excited. Most of the underclassmen are sad because their friends are leaving. Junior Cecilia Choate said, “I am really close with the seniors, so when they leave I am gonna be really sad. Most of my friends in high school are seniors, and I won’t see any of them much when they go to college and begin their adult lives. I am just hoping for the best for all of them and hope they succeed in life.”

Nobody could take away all the memories the seniors had in all their years of school. Going to school as a kid makes so many memories students will just never be able to forget, and this idea makes students upset they will never make memories like that again. After graduating high school, one of the hardest parts of life begins. Graduates are stepping out in the real world where they make their own decisions and have to start learning to live by themselves. They will not have a parent to help them through everything. It is a scary step to take in life, but like other graduates the current seniors will all be okay and succeed and do what they want to do in life.