It’s Not All Cows And Plows

Hanah Cooper

It’s FFA sign up time again, and the FFA officers and older members are excited to see all the new faces eager to join. Thursday, August 24th, the ag room was packed full of members during lunch for the first meeting of the year, and over half of the students that attended were excited, new faces. Remington Henson, President of the Wayne City FFA, enjoyed watching the room fill up as students filed into the room. When asked about his thoughts on the incoming members, he replied with, “Well, when you get older like me, you don’t have to do as much stuff so it’s funny to sit back and watch the new members figure out how to do their record books.” Remington isn’t the only officer excited to see all the fresh faces. Vice President, Lucille Smith, is known for encouraging everyone to join FFA and has plenty of reasons why. “There are lots of benefits to joining FFA. Scholarship opportunities are a big one. With all the events we go to, good social skills become a necessity and you pick them up quickly. Also, keeping a record book teaches responsibility that will help you in future jobs.” The incoming freshman are a bit of a different story. However, even past their nervousness, most of them are quite enthusiastic about joining. Quite a few of the freshmen melted into the older crowd of members very easily at the first meeting. “I’m expecting to learn new leadership and social skills from joining FFA,” said freshman, Jakara Greenwalt, “I’m excited to see how the rest of the year turns out.” Students look forward to joining FFA to create unforgettable friendships and learn great life lessons. It is difficult to find a student who seems to regret their decision to join.