New Places, New Faces

New Teachers Popping up all around the School?

Trinity Krueger

Some students came to school this year thinking they had the wrong place, and they weren’t alone. With a new principal, superintendent, and five new teachers, it got pretty confusing. Here’s a brief introduction to the Wayne City High School’s 2017-2018 new staff.


Kelli Keen teaches Journalism and Special Education. This is her fifteenth year teaching. When asked if students have been giving her any trouble, she replied, laughing,

“The students are great. – I have been pleasantly surprised by the manners of WCHS students.”


Hannah Rodgers is the brand new art teacher, the first after Mrs. Jennings’ retirement. This is her twelfth year as a teacher. When asked, “What does it feel like to inspire people?” She said ;

“ It gives me goosebumps”

A student, Erik Hicks, gave this comment about her,

“I think she’s a great and wonderful addition to our WC staff!”


Kim Smith has taken over as one of the English and grammar teachers, as well as Speech. This is also her twelfth year teaching. Her reply to the question, “Did you always want to be a teacher?”

“Yeah, pretty much!… I loved being in school, I was very involved… I practically lived here!”


Jeff Morris teaches the Success class. He’s been teaching twelve years this year. He says his favorite part about teaching is “- Seeing them everyday and seeing them grow into young adults.”


Paula Beehn is the second new English and grammar teacher. This will be her fourteenth year as a teacher. When asked how she likes working at WCHS so far, she simply stated,

“I love it!”

Junior, Gracie Musgrave says, “I actually really like her! … I like how she showed us the Mrs. Talbert tape.”


Now that they have been introduced, hopefully everyone can go forth and learn from these bright new faces!