Lamar Choate…Volleyball Coach Extraordinaire!

A Feature on Coach Choate of Wayne City


Gracie Musgrave

Mr. Lamar Choate is a history teacher at WCHS, but he also doubles as the head coach for high school volleyball. He shows dedication and he displays his knowledge about the game in every game he coaches.  He spends countless hours in the gym with his team, working with them, and training them to work together, play better, and yes, to have fun.


When asked about his expectations for the season, Coach Choate stated, “I expect the team to compete in every match and work very hard. In terms of wins and losses, I haven’t thought that much about it. I’m looking for this team to get better and better.”


After being questioned on his goals for this season, he replied, “Well, a lot like my expectations, I do want us to compete for some trophies in the tournaments we’re in, but the biggest goal I have is by the end of the season, as we approach regionals, we will be playing our best volleyball, and we will have a chance to win one of those”


Matt Grizwald, the new assistant coach has joined the team this year. Mr. Choate shared his thoughts on having Coach Matt aboard. “I’ve known Matt a long time and he understands the game, relates well to the players, and we have a terrific rapport off the court, which is really starting to show on the court as well. I’ve been fortunate to have good assistants every time I’ve coached.


Coach Choate claims they will take a slightly different approach this year. “We’re playing a little bit of a different defense and we’re trying to run a more up-tempo offense. Those are the biggest changes of this year.”


When asked, the team members shared that they are all so thankful to have Mr. Choate as the coach.  They know they can count on him, and he’s making them play better as a team. They are all excited to see what the rest of this season holds!