WCHS is Full of Drama!

Hanah Cooper

Lights! Camera! Drama Club at WCHS is back in action! On Tuesday, September 5, the stage was filled with the clubs new and old members, all excited to join together to act and perform with one another again. Well, most of them are excited to do just that. Junior, Jeremy Merritt says, “I’m just here so I can be in the play and get an extra half credit. You need a lot of credits to get accepted to a college for aerospace engineering.” Other members did witness him crack a smile once or twice during his first meeting on Tuesday. He might up enjoying his time in the club after all. Drama club meetings aren’t full of boring lectured or quiet stares either, they’re full of games and laughs. A new game was introduced to the students on Tuesday that was instantly a hit. Everyone in the room found a partner and they would stare into each other’s eyes at any angle they wanted. Their line of sight created a “laser” that one person would have to maneuver around without either person in the pair seeing them in their direct line of sight. Obviously, watching a peer try to jump over an invisible line or wiggle their way under it was quite entertaining to the rest of the room. This was just one of the games that the members will enjoy laughing about this year. Between this game, the improv exercise of “Party Guest”, and a crowd favorite, Mafia, everyone plans on having lots of fun while learning more about acting. Drama Club isn’t all about being front and center on stage either. Kylee Gregory, a Freshman, says she is, “excited to work behind the scenes while also learning more about how everything works in a play.” There’s lots of different tasks and jobs that come with being in Drama Club so, really, there’s a place for anyone interested in joining.