Hard Class or Hard Pass?

Dawson Barnard

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Why would someone want to take a hard class over an easier, less stressful one? Some may enjoy the challenge, while others might be forced into it by their parents.   Many Wayne City High School students manage to have college credit hours before they graduate.  The classes aren’t easy but definitely will save them time and money in the future.


What is hard for one student may not be hard for another.  When asked what her most difficult class was, and why it was the hardest, Junior Caitlyn Dickey responded, “Keyboarding. It’s not that the class is hard.  I just type five words per minute.”  Sophomore Kyle Borah said World History is his hardest class.  He added,  “We have terms and questions almost every day but usually have time in class to finish them.”  Sophomore Kylee Keele also thinks World History is her hardest class.  She said, “There’s not a lot of homework, but the subject itself is hard to understand and remember.”  When asked what drives him to take college math this year instead of after high school, Junior Dalton Smith said, “The fact that I won’t have to take it in college, and it makes me feel smarter.”


While Freshmen may not get to choose the majority of their classes, many see hard ones in the future.   Freshman Adam Loker  said, “I do plan on taking harder courses in highschool, and I also plan on going to college.  I think dual credit classes are a great opportunity to complete some college classes without having to pay the expensive fees.”  When Freshman Kalyn Meritt was asked if she plans on taking harder classes, she said, “I’m pretty sure I’ll be taking harder classes later on.  I think it will help me out down the road too.”


Seniors agree that Rhet & Comp is the hardest class offered at Wayne City High School.   Senior Maddie Clark believes it is the hardest because, “I’m not the best at writing papers so quickly and the topics can be really hard to write about.”  Senior Jaxon King responded, “Rhet & Comp is hard, because you have a lot of papers due.”  


While taking harder classes may not be the easy way out, Wayne City students agree it’s worth the effort for their future.

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