Art Club, Popping with Color and Ideas

Trinity Krueger

Projects, portfolios, and elections, an update for the Art Club of WCHS…  run by Mrs. Hannah Rodgers, the club is booming with about twenty-four members already. Meetings are held in the art room every Thursday with the seventh of Sept. being elections.


Art Club students must turn in dues by Thursday Sept. 14! The dues are only ten dollars. Support and represent Art Club by buying a t-shirt for only seven dollars.


A junior, Hanah Cooper, was asked what she likes about art club this year versus last year. She said, “We’re gonna do a lot more activities this year!”

When asked what her plans were for this year Mrs. Rodgers answered, “We have lots of brainstorming ahead of us. We plan to do a mix of school activities and community activities.”


Everyone seems to be loving Art Club so far. Gracie Musgrave says Art Club is important because, “It gives students who couldn’t have an art class a chance to be involved with art and show their creativity”


With fundraisers, projects, and an art show coming up, there will never be a dull moment! Hopefully they don’t get paint all over the school.