WCHS Baseball Team Strikes Again

Abby Bowsher

One team, one dream: Team Captain, Jaxon King, is really looking forward to this season. He said “I love playing baseball every chance I get, especially since I’ve been playing with these kids my whole life.” So far this year, the boys have only had three games. They beat Brownstown on August 20, 9 to 3. They lost against Webber on August 24, 11 to 2. At the Cisne game on September 4, Jaxon King got thirteen strikeouts. Dane Horton got a grand slam. They beat Cisne 10 to 2. They have a total of nine games this season.

There are a total of thirteen boys this fall. Pitcher and shortstop is Senior, Jaxon King. Seniors Hayden Gire and Michael Barnard are left fielders. Junior, Dane Horton is catcher. Junior, Cole Clark, is the outfielder. Juniors Nate Barbee and Austin Scott are enfielders. Second baseman and shortstop is Sophomore, Kent Miller. Center fielder is Sophomore, Kamden Pottoroff. First baseman is Freshman, Jarrett Lewis. Right fielders are Freshman Christopher Clark and Noah Cooper. Freshman, Jaxson Youngblood is a left fielder.