Killed by the Clown

IT is a movie based on the novel by famous author, Stephen King, in the 80s. Movie producers decided that the book was such a hit, they would make a movie about it. The movie became bigger than the book, and everybody fell in love with Pennywise the clown, yet they were terrified of him. This past year, they decided to make another film and easily surpassed the originally movie.


IT is a movie about a “clown” that terrorizes the town of Derry, specifically the kids in the town.  Pennywise is actually an alien who takes the form of what the kids fear the most, but his original or preferred form is a clown. He makes the movie great, by either adding comic relief or by adding a jump scare to make you jump out of your seat. IT is also known for its great character development, which is my favorite part.


The new IT, is my favorite movie of 2017. I watched the movie twice and still missed a bunch of information. While watching the movie, you have to watch the background to catch the small stuff and you have to pay close attention to the small details to fully understand the movie. Simple, yet hard to catch, details like this make the movie interesting enough to where you have to watch numerous times to catch the small details. Also, having the kids cuss is very important yet some people might not like the kids cursing. It makes the movie more realistic, because what kid didn’t cuss when he was around his friends?


I think that this movie is phenomenal and is a must watch of 2017. I have seen it twice and the person I went with has watched it five times. It is well developed and always keeps you at the edge of your seat. It also adds comic relief to distract you from the jump scares right around the corner.