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Who Would Be Chosen as a Teacher if the Students had the Choice?

Hannah Huston

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Teachers can cause students to love their classes or hate their classes. Teachers are able to inspire or discourage students in the way they teach or what classes they teach. Teachers hold a bigger power than they think in a student’s life.

Ten WCHS students were asked who they would hire as their teacher if they could hire any person in the world. When Christina Garrison was asked she said, “Tyler Hoechlin because I’d be paying so much attention to his beard, I wouldn’t get distracted by my phone and talking.”

Bryleigh Matthews replied, “Mr. Mays, he’s always been my favorite and he explains things thoroughly and makes sure I understand them,” when questioned who she would hire. Dustin Chapman said, “My dad because he is always calm and if he tries to teach me something and I don’t get, it he will tell me in a different way that I will understand. He could teach me anything.”

Then Reanna McGuire was asked and she answered, “Justin Bieber, because he’s hot, and I would actually pay attention to him in his class.” Next Kylee Keele was questioned and she answered, “Mr. Feeny off of Boy Meets World, because he referred the lessons he would teach back to the students lives and taught life lessons.” Last, Mariska Borton was also asked and said, “I’d probably have to say Macey with art, because she’s really good and she knows how to put how she feels in what she draws.”

Every student asked had a different answer and reason. If students were able to hire their own teachers, they would probably be more likely to pay attention in class and actually like the class. Though if teachers were chosen by students, they would be less likely to know what they are doing or teaching.


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Who Would Be Chosen as a Teacher if the Students had the Choice?