Years and Faces Past

An Interview with an Alumni

Wayne City High School has been open for many many years. That means there are hundreds of alumni, including Darrel “Derail” Smith. Everyone always says “hindsight is 20/20”, so Darrel shared his experiences at WCHS.


When asked, “How has WCHS changed?”, Darrel answered,

“Brand new building for one. The old ball diamond is gone, as is the tennis court. It’s hard to answer this question, because outside of the obvious physical change, I don’t really know what it’s like to be in school right now. I can’t tell you how it’s changed, because I don’t know that it has.”


“Do you think these changes have made the school better or worse?” He said simply,

“Obviously better.”


“What impact did WCHS have on you?”

“That’s a tough question. It goes without saying [that] your high school years play a big role in determining the outcome  of the rest of your life. But I have no frame of reference to know what my life would be like had I gone somewhere else. Also, I’ve never been a very sociable person, so most of the people I went to school with, even my friends at the time, I’ve lost touch with. So I don’t really know [if] their lives might be similar to mine by also having gone to WCHS”


“What are you doing now?”

“Wasting a lot of paper writing answers that are probably longer than they need to be. Or did you mean with my life?”