The Loker Boys: Can they be the next Mozart?

Who would’ve guessed? Who knew that these two youngins could be so gifted in music? Isaac Loker is not just an ordinary farm boy! Adam Loker isn’t just his brother! They both have an incredible musical gift. Those boys can tickle the ivories! Adam compared himself to a modern day Mozart. Isaac said he wanted to be Jerry Lee Lewis because he got more women than Mozart. 


Isaac enjoys playing “Great Balls of Fire.” He gives a big performance every time he steps up to a piano. It usually involves playing with his feet, and kicking the piano bench out from under him. He sings loudly and proudly as well. He is quite quick with his transition, and he knows the notes. One guarantee, every time he sits down or stands up to play the piano, anyone watching is going to leave in a better mood.


Adam is super talented with reading music. He can play classical music, and he can lighten the mood in a room when he steps up to play. One frequently requested piece is actually a  mashup between two songs that seem to contradict each other, but Adam always pulls it off. The song combines Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata and Still D.R.E. by Dr.Dre, featuring Snoop Dogg.


Regardless of their very different styles of music, both boys enjoy demonstrating their musical skills.  When one of them steps behind a piano, they take pride in entertaining any audience!