Just One More Level: Gaming Addictions

Dawson Barnard

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“You need to stop wasting your time.”  “Go outside and actually do something.”  “If I catch you up this late playing games again, I’m going to turn off the internet at night.”  If you have ever had any sort of obsession with video games, you’ve heard your parents say these things.


Googling “How do video games affect children” brings up numerous articles saying that video games make kids violent and that they greatly hinder learning ability.  Several Wayne City High School students disagree.  They believe it is about priorities.  If you finish what is more important first, you can spend time on whatever hobby you want, like playing video games.


Junior Jeremy Merritt spends a lot of time playing the game “Simple Planes.”  He says it is his favorite because you can design, build, and fly your own aircraft.  He manages to keep his grades up, farm with his dad, and still play computer games.


Junior Cole Clark says that he really enjoys games like Clash Royale. He also makes sure to train for cross country, and to study for his classes.

Freshman Nathan Maxey and Junior Dane Horton have different motivations when it comes to game addictions.  Dane says when he needs to get something done, he just sits down in front of his mom because she will yell at him if he even moves to look at his phone.  Nathan says he just knows there will be yelling if he doesn’t finish his homework, so he always makes sure he has his done.


While a gaming addiction can be a serious issue, Wayne City High School students prove that it is possible to get their work done and play just one more level.

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