PBIS: Rewards for the Good

Grace McCormick

Keeping students in line at WCS can be a challenge at times, so in order to help them follow the rules, the school uses a system called PBIS. PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports. The PBIS system is ran by high school English teacher, Kim Smith. Ms. Smith says, “PBIS tries to encourage students to make positive decisions while helping those who are struggling.” For instance, for the month of October, Wayne City School is targeting no cell phones to help kids pay more attention in their classes. Students at the end of the month with no violations of the rule will be rewarded.

Ms. Smith is going to try to get it going second semester and then go hard on it next year. She states, “Every month we will use our discipline data to target a new behavior. We started with phones because there was a high number of students getting in trouble for their phones. Hopefully this will encourage students to put them away and pay attention to their studies.” Eventually, there will be a school wide store once all teacher start using Indian Bucks. “When I started at Webber, I and the other teachers needed to see a change so we used the program and saw tremendous growth. I plan to use Student Council to help promote our theme of Good Citizenship: our theme” said Ms. Smith. Student Council will start MORP to try to get students to socialize and have fun mingling with each other.

In previous years, students have participated in PBIS events such as, going to the St. Louis Zoo, Miners Baseball games, watching movies in classrooms, and went skating and bowling. Lastly, Ms. Smith said, “I hope to have celebrations and other fun events to create our community climate. I think teachers are starting to get excited. A couple teachers plan to create a list like mine in their own classrooms: ways to spend Indian Bucks.” Senior, Aubrey Noe says, “PBIS is a great way to reduce bad behavior among students. I personally wish the rewards were something more students would enjoy. I think opening campus for kids to leave and go eat once would be a fun thing to do.” Students at WCS enjoy the activities that PBIS provides and it is a good way to help them behave better.