Unseen Ailments

Dawson Barnard

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How many people do you pass in the hallways every day that have issues you would never know about? It is impossible to know for sure.  Some people are born with invisible illnesses that can affect them in many ways.


Unless someone told you they were asthmatic, you might never have any idea.  To them, things like playing sports or participating in P.E. can be stressful.  They may have to carry medicine with them at all times just to take part in these events.  Even tasks that many view as simple, like walking up the stairs, can become a challenge.

Allergies can be extremely problematic too.  Imagine having to worry about the ingredients in every food that you eat.  Some even have to be aware of what the people around them are eating.  Allergies may just cause a rash for some, but it can send others into anaphylactic shock, which is a life-threatening allergic reaction.


Migraines can cause students extreme pain, and constant distraction.  On average, students that suffer from migraines have lower grades.  They are also more likely to miss school, and, if they suffer severely enough, may be forced to leave public school entirely.


Since it is impossible to know what other people are going through, everyone should try to lift each other up.  Things that are as simple as saying hello and holding the door for someone, can totally change another person’s day.  After all, it is very possible that they too suffer from an invisible illness.

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