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Grace McCormick

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Thirty-five Wayne City High School students were asked how many texts they sent in a single day.  With new, popular apps such as Snapchat and Messenger, students do not tend to text as much as they previously did.  Out of the thirty-five students surveyed more students answered with a low number of texts sent in a day than a high number.  Nineteen students answered saying that they sent under 10 text messages a day.  Ten students said they sent in between 11-30 messages a day.  Two students said they send around 50-70 messages a day.  Lastly, four students said that they use texting more than other apps, sending 100+ text messages in a day.


Senior, Jaxon King said, “I rarely ever text people. It is a thing of the past, especially when we have snapchat now. I only text people when I talk to my momma or my coaches.” In contrast to Jaxon’s comment, Senior, Aubrey Noe said, “Personally, I text my boyfriend all day everyday so I would guesstimate that I send roughly 100 texts from my cellular device.”  Whether students text once a day or 100 times a day, all students would agree that texting and our phones are a huge priority of our lives.

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