A Week in the Life of the Lady Indians

Hanah Cooper

The Wayne City Lady Indians had a long week ahead of them starting last Monday night, the 20th of November. At 7:30, they played their first game in the annual Hamilton County Basketball Tournament. The girls started the week off with a rough game against the Hamilton County Lady Foxes who went on to win the tournament with a 5-0 record. The final score was 62-32, Foxes. Tuesday night was opened with the Lady Indians playing against the Webber Lady Trojans at 5:30. Both teams were ready to take each other on again after playing each other just five days before. After a long, hard fought game, the score came out on the side of the Trojans who scored 47 points over the Indians 45 points. “We played pretty well, and we made a really nice comeback in the second half. We fought our way back up after being down 20 points, pulled ahead for a while, and almost won the game. It was probably the best game we played in the tournament,” commented Senior and co-captain Grace McCormick.

The team got a break for the next two days. Wednesday and Thursday were all about healing up all the bumps and bruises from the first two games and spending some time with family on their break. On Friday, they jumped right back into the ballgame. Edwards County was the next team they would face in this tournament. The game ended with a score of 52-30 in the Lady Lions favor.

According to the team, Saturday was the roughest day of the whole tournament and it is not hard to understand why. They had an early morning with the first game of the day starting at 9:30. The girls went head to head with the Galatia Lady Cats. Bryleigh Matthews had a few comments about the game. “I think that in the first half we were kind of slow but we picked up our game in the second half. We seemed tired and we needed to get warmed up and ready to play. After that, I think we played pretty well and worked more as a team.” The score of that game was 60-55, Cats. The team got a break and a few quick naps in before the final game that night where they took on Lawrenceville. They lost the game but the score was not recorded.

The week, though it was hard, was not a total loss. Senior Lucille Smith took home an All-Tournament plaque after the final game of the week. “I am grateful for my team and I am thankful I get to play the sport I love,” said Smith, ”It was a hard tournament but we never gave up.”

The Lady Indians still have a long season ahead of them and, by the way the girls talk, they’re ready to take it on and work as hard as they can as the season continues.