What Makes a Good Student?

Shayla Miller

Good grades, a positive attitude and hard-working are all qualities of a good student. A good student doesn’t always depend on those three qualities though. A good student comes to class and pays attention to the teacher. Self-discipline and the time management are also important factors to being a good student.

Senior Aubrey Noe says, “A good student does what they can for their teachers, family, and friends.” For a good student to succeed and accomplish their goals, they need to have the right encouragement from their teachers. The top priority of a good student should be to do your best in school and prioritize your life. Hannah Huston, a senior, said “A good student is someone who is respectful, gets their work done, and supports their peers.”

Behavior is another good aspect to a good student. Listening to your teacher, following instructions, and raising your hand to ask a question are all a few forms of respect and good behavior. Being on time to class is also an important factor, it will not only help students to not get tardies in high school, but will help them in the future, when getting a job.

So from students studying and doing their homework to having a positive attitude and managing their time and priorities, a good student tries their best to do their best.