Blast to the Past: Best Christmas Presents of the Past

Grace McCormick

Ask any child in the world what their favorite part of Christmas is and they will say getting presents.  But everyone has that one present that tops all presents.  The one gift that they will remember forever.  Sometimes it’s because they think it is the coolest thing they have ever seen, and other times it’s because it meant something to them on a personal level. Wayne City High School students shared their best Christmas presents they have received over the years. Senior Aubrey Noe’s favorite gift was her Paul Mitchell hair straightener, which she received two years ago. Morgan Schumm, another senior girl, said that her favorite Christmas present was her iwatch that she received last year. Junior Dane Horton stated, “nothing has ever made me more happy then the morning I walked in the living room and met my best friend for life, my dog Katie-bell.”  Other students such as junior, Hannah Cooper threw it back to when she was 7 years old explaining how much she loved her Tooth Tunes Toothbrush, “jamming out to a little camp rock every morning made getting up and actually brushing my teeth worth it.” And lastly, senior, Jaxon King said, “One year my parents got me only the girl Power Rangers, but surprisingly I fell in love with them, the yellow was my favorite!” Some students Favorite Christmas Presents were toys from when they were little and others were newer trendy things, but no matter what the gift was, students say it will be hard to top their favorite presents this year.