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Why Christmas Break is Important

MaKenna Kelly

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The kids at Wayne City Schools are very excited for Christmas break. No one can wait for the two weeks of delicious food, staying up late and sleeping in, not having a worry in the world, and spending time with their families. Most importantly, students will not miss coming to school at 8:10 and hearing all the teachers telling them to take their hat off, turn their phones off, sit in their seats, get ready to have homework, or get ready for a test. No one wants to hear those things all at once at eight in the morning. It is just too much. So, every once in awhile, it is a good thing to take a break from things. It gives students brains, some time to recuperate and get ready to start again. Students’ little brains can only handle so much at one time. THEY MIGHT EXPLODE if too much information is being told to them at once. Some families will go to the beach over Christmas break or go on a fun adventure; they may even just stay at home. People need that break and time away just to unplug. Everyone would agree that Christmas break should be longer but they will take what they can get. So, this Christmas break unplug, relax… it will be over in no time!

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Why Christmas Break is Important