Stressed Out

Dawson Barnard

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Seven projects are due by the end of the week.  Every one of them is in a different subject.  While a little bit of pressure can lead to increased productivity, in excess it can cause serious stress and anxiety.  It has been directly associated with sleep loss, increased anger, and falling grades.  Stress is unavoidable in life, but recognizing it before it consumes you is essential.

Students deal with stress in many different ways.  For some, it’s as simple as going and taking a drive.  Some students just read or watch TV.  Other students will just eat a lot of food, but one of the best ways to deal with stress is to find friends to help you get through it.

When asked what class gives them the most stress, juniors Dalton Smith and Molly McNeil both said Chemistry 2.  Dalton said, “It’s hard to accomplish things while competing with the Chemistry 1 class that’s in the room in the same class period.”  Molly said,  “Being independent and not knowing what we’re doing makes it stressful.  Having an actual class would definitely help.”  Freshman Sydnee Greenwalt says Mr. Choate’s class stresses her out the most, because she is constantly worried he is going to yell at her class.  Not being able to type fast enough for Keyboarding class causes freshman Jaxson Youngblood the most stress.

Senior Jaxon King said that girls have definitely been the most stressful part of school.  He believes just avoiding them would make it less stressful.  While she doesn’t worry as much about it here, senior and foreign exchange student Margot Lemonnier said that she was constantly stressed about her grades.  She feels like she was letting herself down over them.  She thinks her classes here would be easier if they were in French.  “The Freshmen!  90% of them just don’t know what they’re talking about.  Just kick that 90% out of the high school,” was sophomore Travis Dickey’s response to being asked what he thought would make school less stressful.  If sophomore Emilee Jones could change anything about school to make it less stressful, she says she would make the teachers talk to each other about when they are giving big assignments.  She thinks that maybe, then, they would not assign them at the same time.

Students in every class at Wayne City High School deal with stress.  Stress is real, and it is never going away.  The important thing is to remember to deal with your stress before it deals with you.

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