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WCHS’s Most Embarrassing Moments

Abby Bowsher

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Multiple students were asked what their most embarrassing moment was and these are their answers. Senior Aubrey Noe said her most embarrassing moment was freshman year when she fell up the stairs in front of all the seniors and they laughed at her. Junior Hanah Cooper said her most embarrassing moment was when she missed the first day of third grade because she got ran over by a golf cart. Shayla Miller, a senior, said her most embarrassing moment was during her eighth grade year when she peed her pants at a Cross Country meet because she had to go but the race was about to start so she didn’t have time. Rylee Greenwalt, a junior, said her her most embarrassing moment was in grade school when in Mr. Mays’ class the seat of the desk broke and she fell down. Senior Abby Bowsher said, “My most embarrassing moment was freshman year during health. I was sitting on a desk that didn’t have front legs and Jaxon King was holding it down with his feet. He picked up his feet and the desk flipped over and I fell. Everyone laughed.” A lot of people have embarrassing moments. Whether they admit what happened or don’t, it turns out to be a pretty funny story.


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WCHS’s Most Embarrassing Moments