How To Avoid Athletic Injuries

Rylee Greenwalt

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To avoid athletic injuries, there are many possible ways to prepare for athletic injuries. When participating in Physical Education, the teacher will instruct students to stretch before exercising. This helps with the risk of pulling a muscle. Stretching before activity helps to strengthen muscles, so if a strong muscle is pulled, the time it will take to heal would be a shorter amount of time than it would take a muscle with less strength. Stretching can also increase flexibility.

Although exercising can help avoid athletic injuries, exercising can become too much too handle if pushed too hard. Taking a break might be necessary to avoid injuries. If one is in pain, they should not under any circumstances keep playing during that time. Playing a sport can become very intense at times, so it is good to stay hydrated during a sport to avoid getting dehydrated. Cramps play a big part in athletic injuries. Cramps are more likely to happen when a lot of running is taking place. People who get cramps drink pickle juice, eat a banana or a handful of salt. Potassium-rich foods help maintain cramping.

Wearing the right gear while exercising decreases the chance of an injury. Wear protective gear to avoid injuries, such as helmets, protective pads, and other gear. When playing sports, it is good to know the rules of the game that is being played. Paying attention to where other players are running or standing in the game could help them not get injured.

Not all injuries are physical, some players can become emotionally stressed due to the will to win. The stress that parents or coaches put on children to be the best can become too much for some players. To avoid emotional stress, parents and coaches can reward their players for their hard work and motivate them to be the best that they can be. The main goal of all sports is to have fun, try your hardest, and be safe.

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