The Name of The Game: With Hanah Cooper


Shauna Roesch

She stands a few feet in front of the half court line. She isn’t able to dribble. She looks around, none of her teammates can get open. She only has a few seconds to think of her next move; What will she do? What else can she do but shoot? She shoots and the ball flies up to the basket as all the fans watch eagerly. It was nothing but an airball. Junior Hanah Cooper recalls the most memorable shot shes ever made in a game.


Cooper has played basketball for six years now and she has never lost her passion for the game. “It defines me.” she stated.


Playing high school sports can sometimes be stressful with all the schedules and the pressure to be the best. Some high school athletes can lose focus of their goals. However, if one is a part of a good team- one that is made up of such supportive and fun loving people- being a part of that can be almost therapeutic. That’s what Cooper loves so much about playing basketball. She says her favorite part about playing basketball is that she stays in shape while getting to work with a team that she is so close with. “…It’s really just a bonus I’m so passionate about [basketball.]”


After being asked what basketball meant to her, Cooper quite quickly answered, “Basketball has always been apart of my life ever since I was little and I think it’s helped shape the person I’ve become today. I’m thankful that it has taught me the importance of teamwork and how to stay tough in hard times. I’ve made amazing friendships through the years and basketball is where I’ve grown close to one of my best friends. I really just don’t know what I’d do if I had never stepped out on the court.”


Through everything life has thrown at her, basketball has always been there, whether it provided a friend or a stress relief. It has strengthened her both physically and mentally. And for Cooper, that’s the name of the game.