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Foods to Describe

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Love Life

  • Gracie Musgrave: Potato chips and onions, cause I’m salty and I cry a lot.
  • Noah Cooper: Good airplane food (very rare).
  • Kendy Anderson: Brussel Sprouts.
  • Kamden Pottorff: Kisses.
  • Andrew White: Sweetarts.

Favorite Teacher (and name)

  • Gracie Musgrave: Mrs. Mays — Candy because she’s super sweet!
  • Noah Cooper: Ms. Webb — Nerds.
  • Kendy Anderson: Ms. Webb — Cake.
  • Kamben Pottorff: Ms. Webb — Mentos.
  • Andrew White: Mr. Noatch — Spinach cause he’s strong like Popie!

Social Life

  • Gracie Musgrave: Pizza, because it pleases everybody.  I love People.
  • Noah Cooper: A peanut with only one nut.
  • Kendy Anderson: French fries.
  • Kamden Pottorff: Skittles.
  • Andrew White: Skittles.

Study Habits

  • Gracie Musgrave: Caviar, because you don’t have it often.
  • Noah Cooper: Food in Africa. (I’ll let you think).
  • Kendy Anderson: Carrots.
  • Kamden Pottorff: Whatchamacallit
  • Andrew White: Pringles.

Best Friend

  • Gracie Musgrave: Sour Patch Kids.  Except she was sweet, sour, then gone.  


  • Noah Cooper: A triple baconator.
  • Kendy Anderson: Peas.
  • Kamden Pottorff: Tide Pods.
  • Andrew White: Peanut.
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Foods to Describe