April Snow Showers Bring Dead May Flowers

Hanah Cooper

“Gracie, it’s 30 degrees outside. Why are you wearing shorts?”

“It’s April. It’s not supposed to be this cold outside. I’m protesting this cold weather.”


Monday, April 16, the temperature in Southern Illinois didn’t get over 40 degrees, and an icy wind howled outside. Baseball and softball fans were all wrapped up in blankets to protect from the frigid cold that afternoon to watch the games. Fast forward two days later and it’s 70 degrees and windows down, barbeque kind of weather. This sounds like good news, but it’s really just a false hope. The temperatures took another turn after that sunny Wednesday and brought back a bit of a chill to this area. It stayed below 55 degrees that whole day.


Junior Gracie Musgrave had some strong, negative thoughts about this chilly trend.  “Winter has overstayed its welcome. I’m tired of being cold, and I’ve been getting sick because of these drastic weather changes. I’m just sick and tired of it.” As seen by many different Snapchat rants and shady Tweets, lots of people are just tired of being cold and miserable. Everyone is just praying for a warm wind to wander their way.