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The Lebron and Michael Discussion

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The Lebron and Michael Discussion


Everyone considers Michael Jordan as the greatest basketball player of all time. But,is he really ? Jordan earned that title, but there is one player that has been looked over, Lebron James. He is currently in the NBA, and plays small forward for the Cleveland Cavaliers. He is currently heating up this year’s 2017-18 NBA season with a triple-double this year. Michael Jordan is beating Lebron James in points, finals record, and mvps. Whoever, Lebron is still leading in assist, rebounds, and olympic games. Everyone is comparing Michael and Lebron, but Lebron is only 33 and still in his prime. He’s still got a few more games in him left, and just had last a game Wednesday with 46 points.


However, as a rookie, Lebron and the Cavaliers were swept to the San Antonio Spurs in the 2006-07 NBA Finals, but James was able to bring a team filled with no-namers to the finals. Jordan never made it to the NBA Finals during his first six seasons. Jordan is definitely one of the best shooters,and Jordan is almost certainly the greatest scorer ever to play the sport, but Lebron is better all around player. Lebron’s IQ in basketball is described to be out of this world.


Michael Jordan would take the better shot, but Lebron would make the better play. According to NBCSports, the question is,”would you rather have lebron or michael?” NBCSports also responded ”But in the end, I guess, I would bet on James’ power to build a team that can beat anybody.”


Jayzale O’Neal

April 20, 2

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The Lebron and Michael Discussion