School Stress

MaKenna Kelly

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The 2018-2019 school year has officially started and is in full swing! But, with the school year starting, that means the stress of the school year has started as well. The stress includes sports, grades, and maintaining a social life all at the same time.


Trying to keep grades up alone is hard enough, but when sports are added to that, it makes it even harder. Then add a social life to all of this and… STUDENTS ARE DOOMED! Many students at WCHS are involved in sports and other extracurricular activities and some are overachievers and have a job as well.


Different people deal with stress in different ways. One way to try to deal with stress is staying organized. LABEL EVERYTHING!!! If a kid knows where everything is, he or she will not have to stress over if an assignment is lost or if the assignment is finished. Students should make sticky notes their best friend and make sure to turn in their assignments on time! People will feel less stressed if they are not behind on their school work.


Make sure to get enough sleep. Without getting enough sleep, it is harder to retain information which would cause stress by not knowing what is going on. Also, if a student falls asleep in class, he or she will fall behind. Also, always ask for help. Ask a teacher, friend, or parent; Anyone would love to help and make the school load stress free for any student.


Some other ways to fight stress are staying hydrated, eating well, managing time, being able to say “no,” and preparing. Those are just some ways to manage, and there are many, many more ways. Use some of these tips,  have a less stressful school year, or even find out what works. Here is to a stress free 2018-2019 school year!

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