New Year for Pep Club

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New Year for Pep Club

Caitlyn Dickey

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Pep Club is back and better than ever.  Right now, Pep Club is just for volleyball, but they are going to try to support basketball too. Anyone can join Pep Club this year, but the leaders are strongly encouraging those who join to participate in dressing up.

The Pep Club theme for the first home game was “Frat Night,” and there was a good turn out for the Pep Club. Senior Dane Horton said, “I was really happy with how it turned out. I was glad to see people start opening up and not being so shy.” There’s schedules of the themes for the games posted around the school, but those who’ve missed it can see it below.

Pep club is really supposed to be a fun club where people shouldn’t judge others for dressing up and supporting the school team. Volleyball coach Mr. Choate said, “Pep Club always brings a good environment into the gym and has always been pretty involved for the last couple of years.” The Pep Club hopes students have a fun time at the games and that have a great year. If students have any suggestions for this year please let Dane Horton, Hanah Cooper, Caitlyn Dickey, Molly McNeil, or Maggie Dickey know.



8/21- Frat night

8/30- Tie Dye/Hippie Night

9/4- Merica Night

9/6- Superhero Night

9/11- Luau Night

9/17- Red Out Night

9/18- Kuntry Bub Night

10/4- White Out Night

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