New Seniors New Flames

Cheyanne Fenton

This new year brings many new things for students and staff. This year, Wayne City has gained four new high school teachers and several new students and rules.  Senior Mason Mulvaney says, “It’s been easy so far. I haven’t been as stressed this year, but that doesn’t mean that won’t change as the year goes on.” Many teachers are starting slowly, but many seniors are feeling the stress with as many as three papers due soon.  Senior Caitlyn Dickey says she is “getting through it” showing the fighting spirit is still burning strong. The flames grew too strong, when two weeks into the school year, a physical altercation erupted between an senior and junior. On that note, it can be a stressful year filled with scholarships and college visits leaving students in a panic. Many seniors who are enrolled in dual credit classes are adjusting to their teachers. Senior Kennedy Sledge speaks out about her Psychology teacher, “It’s nothing like any classes I’ve ever had before, and Mr. Minor makes the class fun and exciting.” The year is expected by most to increase in difficulty but all are still positive and looking forward to great senior year.