Pizza Craze

Shauna Roesch

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It was the talk of the town for weeks before it opened, but finally on August 23rd at 11:00 am, everyone’s excitement was appeased as Wayne City’s newest restaurant finally opened. After a long time of construction, taste tests, and curiosity running high, the town opened its first Italian restaurant: Cesario’s. Owned by Ewa and Mike Cesario, the restaurant is located in the old Dollar General building on the curve of W. Robinson (Route 15) in Wayne City.  Their first day open was a huge success, the parking lot was full, the building was packed, and there wasn’t an empty table in sight! Everyone packed in to find out just how good the pizza actually was. Don’t believe it? The first night alone the restaurant sold almost 100 pizzas! By Saturday night, after selling almost 300 pizzas, they ran out of dough!


With such a busy new restaurant, many staff were hired including several of Wayne City High School’s own. One employee, Senior MaKenna Kelly stated, “It’s a great experience for a first job, the first three days were hectic, but still fun!” about what it’s like working at the new restaurant.  The restaurant is open Thursday through Saturday, 11:00 am to 8:00 pm.


So next time a person is hungry, they should try stopping by Cesarios. That is…if they can get a seat!

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