Calling All Students

Isaac Loker

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Another school year has rolled around, which means another year of students vs. teachers in a battle of who gets to keep the phone.  The rule for cell phones here at Wayne City High School states that students are allowed to have their phones on them and use them before school, during lunch, and after school, otherwise the phone should be powered down and in the students locker.  When asked his opinion about the rule, Principal Lingafelter says, “Cell phones are a wonderful tool when they are used responsibly. One of the problems they create-” which Mr. Lingafelter considers a main problem- “ is cyberbullying or saying hurtful things online.  They are simply a waste of time when not used responsibly and are no more than a distraction. However, they are a wonderful tool when used responsibly.” The students agree that cell phones are a good tool, but disagree that they use them irresponsibly. Student Brice Abrams says, “The rules could be a little more lenient.  We’re going to be using cell phones all our entire lives, I think we should be able to utilize them more.” Most students carry their phones on their person regardless of the rule and will most likely do so until the phone is ripped from their cold, dead hands. Patty Gerrish, the distance learning teacher who is also a bus driver and a lunch detention supervisor says, “I think it is a way to bully.  Things get way too mistaken. Then you get each other in trouble. A lot of times people would say something on a cell phone that they wouldn’t say in person.” We shall see as the year continues, what will become of the cell phone rule. Will it stay the same, will it become stricter, or will the phones become the normal for our everyday tasks at school?

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