Trouble in the Front Row

Seniors vs. The World

Trinity Krueger

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On the morning of Tuesday, August 28, a verbal altercation took place in the student parking lot. A senior arrived at school around eight o’clock that morning, only to find that two juniors had parked in the front row of the lot. The front row has always been reserved for seniors, who had class at nine later that morning.


After the senior asked nicely, one of the juniors obliged and moved their truck with no problem. The remaining junior, on the other hand, walked away and ignored the senior. This then prompted the senior to lose their temper. “…The other junior did not move, so I raised my voice and [they] still refused and just walked into the school,” the senior replied after being asked about what happened.


The student handbook clearly states that, “Students will only park in the areas designated by the principal.” Seniors can have all three front rows of parking to themselves if they’d like. Although they only ask for the frontmost row, some students still think they’re entitled to it.

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