Ignite the Tribe

Rylee Greenwalt

The moment that students have been anticipating since pre-ordering the 2017-2018 yearbook occurred Wednesday, August 22. The yearbook’s theme was Ignite the Tribe. As you can see on the picture attached, this book was all about fire. Throughout the yearbook were several fire references. The Yearbook Staff planned the delivery during activity period and organized the delivery into one table per class. Not only did the Staff have a great turn out with the new system of pre-ordering, but also they sold several extras after the delivery.

Before the delivery of the books, the Yearbook Staff attached name plates to students’ yearbooks that had chosen to purchase the name plates. Students had options to purchase ballpoint pens, autograph pages, protective book covers, and name plates. The Staff sorted books according to classes into boxes to make the process of distributing the books less chaotic. Mrs. Keen called out the students with name plates to assure they would get the yearbook with their name on it. The Class of 2018 had their own table assigned to them. Brothers and sisters could sign out their siblings book, but the student had to put on the paper who it was being picked up by in case of any damage or misplacement done to the book. Senior Hanah Cooper said, “Last year’s book required a lot of blood, sweat, and tears from all of the Staff. We hope you enjoy it!”